Flower alphabet of lovers: how to choose flowers for Valentine's Day

  • Flower alphabet of lovers: how to choose flowers for Valentine's Day

February 14 for many men, and often for women, is not just a celebration of love. Sometimes this day becomes a real test, demonstrating how strong the feelings for your beloved are. Moreover, far from always the “second half” objectively evaluates the attention paid to it. As a result, even the smallest oversight can cause a quarrel, and sometimes parting.

One of such oversights may be a gift, an integral part of which (at least for girls) are flowers. We offer several useful recommendations regarding the choice of bouquets, compositions or single flowers for Valentine's Day. The data is based on historical facts - the "language of flowers" used by lovers in the era of romanticism in European countries, during the time of Catherine II in Russia and the Eastern teachings of Selam.

"Talking" bouquet for your beloved

Despite the fact that the book Selam, created by oriental sages, is intended for representatives of both the female and male half, in our country, flowers for Valentine's Day in most cases are given to women. Therefore, the secrets of the floral alphabet given here are intended mainly for men who select bouquets for their lovers. So, we list the interpretation of some popular colors:

Gerberas symbolize strong feelings. Handing a bouquet of these flowers, the man says that even a simple glance of his lover will be a real gift for him.

Carnations symbolize constancy in love. Such flowers are more suitable for wives or old friends. However, yellow cloves are the exception. For them, as well as for other flowers, this coloring symbolizes separation.

Hydrangea expresses a strong and reliable feeling. A bouquet of hydrangeas on Valentine's Day will be an expression of fidelity and devotion, not subject to time and distance.

Iris symbolizes friendship, but not love. Therefore, choosing these flowers by February 14, you should carefully approach this gift so as not to make your beloved doubt your feelings.

Orchid demonstrates sophistication and subtlety. Handing such flowers to the girl, the man emphasizes that for him she is the one and only. However, caution must also be taken here - in China, an orchid is a symbol of large families!

Roses deserve special attention. These flowers are the most popular and common as bouquets of love. And here the flower alphabet highlights a number of interpretations depending on the color. So, a white rose symbolizes secret love, red - an open recognition, pink - trust. However, here you should be careful - dark raspberry roses mean mourning, and a bouquet of pink roses symbolizes failure.

Here are just some interpretations of the flower alphabet of lovers. Nowadays it is not so easy to set aside time for a detailed study of such features. It is much easier and more convenient to use the help of specialists. consultants florists of the Royal Flowers online store will select the best variant of a bouquet or composition for you. Here you can place an order for flowers for Valentine's Day with delivery in the Dnieper.

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