9 branches of Matthiola
9 branches of Matthiola

Mattiola's Bouquet - Description:Flowers: Mattiola;Color: multicolored;Quantity: 9 branches, 15 branches and 1..

890 UAH


Mattiola: she Levkoy has a very delicate and pleasant aroma, a feature of this flower, an abundant color of more than seven flowers, and also two-tone flowers.

Due to the low stem of about 40 - 60 cm, it looks great in a bouquet. Probably the most popular flower in 2022. For bouquets, fragrant mattiola is used, which has a pleasant-to-touch stem structure. Bouquet mattiola on a branch amazes the imagination with abundant flowers. The assembled monobouquet or flower arrangement fits perfectly into the design interior of the house.

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