Proper care of the purchased bouquet

Care of flowers

You have received flowers ordered from our online store. But what shall you do to make them leave long life and delight you with their splendor? Our recommendations:

If you have roses, remove thorns and lower leaves and leave 2-3 upper ones;

Make an oblique cut from the bottom while putting the ends of the stem into the water. This will increase the water absorption area;

Put roses into a vase, the height of which is at least half of the length of the stem. Flowers will wither in a day in a small vase;

Pour  a vase with settled water (without chlorine) or boiled one;

To avoid putrefactive bacteria, wash the vase and stems daily with running water and cut the ends of the flowers stem;

It is advisable to dissolve half a tablet of aspirin in a vase, or place a special antibacterial compound bought in a flower store (it shall be changed in 3-5 days);

The floral composition can be prepared by yourself. To do this, in 1 liter of boiled water (20 * C) dissolve 2 tablespoons of sugar and 150 ml of acid: boric, lemon, salicylic.

We recommend:

-3-4 times a day spray them with a spray gun;

- for several hours to put roses in a dark, cool place;

- During the night to put roses with leaves in a bath so that the heads of roses to be above the water;

- Roses quickly die, if there are other flowers in the vase; for example: carnations, lilies of the valley, lilies oppressing them.All the flowers do not like:Direct sunlight; Drafts (air conditioners); Hot and smoke-filled premises; Neighborhood with fruit.

After completing these recommendations, your flowers will remain fresh for a long time and please you with their exquisite aroma and freshness.