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Winter Tangerines
Winter Tangerines

Christmas Bouquet "winter mandarin" - description:When you need a Christmas bouquet, you should look at our co..

990 UAH

Sweet bouquet
Sweet bouquet

Delicious bouquet of chocolate bars - description:Chocolate: 25 pieces;Drink: Coca-Cola or Pepsi;Design: moder..

1 850 UAH

Fruit Bouquet №2 - Male
Fruit Bouquet №2 - Male

Male fruit bouquet № 2 - description:fruits and vegetables:Apples are premium;Oranges;Mango;Mandarins;Lime;Kiw..

1 450 UAH

Fruit bouquet number 1
Fruit bouquet number 1

Large fruit bouquet № 1 - description:fruit:Apples are premium;Oranges;Mango;tangerines;Pears;Cannon;Grapes;Li..

1 550 UAH

Beer bouquet №1
Beer bouquet №1

Male bouquet - description:Ingredients: cheese, hunting sausages, fish, and snacks;Packaging: modern materials..

1 535 UAH

Ordering a fruit bouquet you get:

  • premium fruit;
  • only fresh;
  • collect in food gloves;
  • can be safely used as food;
  • original masterpiece.

For you, we try to keep the lowest price that is commensurate with quality. Our bouquet looks always expensive and not who can not say: "bought an inexpensive fruity bouquet" just to give.

Ask who will approach such a composition of fruits?

- Such bouquets do not have a specific destination for a man or a girl.

For what event (occasion)?

- The versatility of a bouquet of fruits is that it can be used after saying good morning and that's a charge of cheerfulness, and also I love you my most exotic.

We have only samples of fruit bouquets, all your wishes you can voice on the phone or in a convenient online chat. where I can pick up responding your desires and preferences, for a certain amount.

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