Cakes for ordering flowers

Classic Napoleon
Classic Napoleon

Cake Napoleon - now there is in any supermarket, BUT when you try a hand-made cake from the confectioner Royal..

620 UAH

Pear-Caramel Cake
Pear-Caramel Cake

Pear Caramel - Description:A classic three-layer airy sponge cake soaked in delicate Kurdish with slices of pe..

500 UAH


Cake "Cherry-pineapple-lime" - hand made by the confectioner Royal-Flowers, every piece of artworkComposition:..

790 UAH


In our cakes and confectionery, we do not use artificial colors and flavor enhancers!

We are happy to announce that now we have our own confectioner trained in France, and now we can delight our customers with exquisite sweets. And you are dear dear and close. When ordering a bouquet, add cake or cakes to it. All cakes at all stages use the best Belgian chocolate, high-quality products, natural fruit purees and berries.

We ourselves love to eat delicious cakes.

  • Please pay attention to all the confectionery products are strictly prepared to order. We do not have a showcase with cakes and cakes.
  • You can buy a cake only for a bouquet of flowers, if you wish to order a separate cake, contact the manager.

Cooking time from 24 hours from the time of order.

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