Quality assurance


Every day we collect bouquets, deliver them to every corner of our great country and to nearby European countries. We are sincerely pleased that we are able to make the company's clients «Royal-Flowers» cheerful and happy, and very frustrating if our client for any reason disappoint our service. We believe that the customer must be sure that he is protected from any situation when you contact us, so we recorded the following buyer guarantee:

For flowers are used fresh and beautiful flowers, we will replace or refund the bouquet 100% cash otherwise;

If you or the recipient did not like the colors, we will replace a new bouquet.

Flower delivery will be carried out as soon as possible. In Ukraine - from 2 hours, foreign countries - 24 hours;

In the event of any changes in the composition of the bouquet or the inability to deliver it, we will notify you in advance;

You can always change the data and structure of the order prior to its assembly.

You can cancel your order and return 100% of the funds before the assembly of the bouquet.

You will receive a unique and very beautiful bouquet.

We value our reputation and do everything possible to ensure that you always receive only the freshest and most beautiful flowers: our specialists accurately monitor compliance with the conditions and terms of delivery, we monitor the performance of the temperature storage mode, each delivery of flowers florists moved manually. As long as the flowers do not arrive in the hands of the customer, we monitor their condition - from cutting and throughout the term of delivery.

Our point of storage of flowers «Royal-Flowers» is equipped with a special climate chamber. We carefully treat each flower, preserving its freshness and beauty, even in the strongest heat. Therefore, we can guarantee the quality of our flowers. To the flowers were longer follow the care instructions for a bouquet.


At any given time, we have not yet begun to collect a bouquet for transmission to delivery, you can change your order. To do this, you need to make a phone call 098-438-68-60 and inform the manager that you want to change. We will be very grateful if you could inform us about the changes 48 hours before the time when the bunch has to be delivered. You can also make changes to the order already assembled and in order, which is on the delivery, but most likely it will increase the budget for your purchase.


In the event of any dispute or dissatisfaction with the quality of colors, please contact us by phone 098-438-68-60 within 12 hours of delivery. If a bunch of poor quality, please send an info@royal-flowers.dp.ua and attach a photo of the bouquet, and a brief description of the situation. Our quality manager will contact you within 24 hours. Delivery of the new bouquet made entirely by the company Royal-Flowers with the replacement of old.