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Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland

Bouquet with delivery:Rose single-head (Prestige) - 51Eustoma-10Chrysanthemum Santini - 10Lily - 7Kraft materi..

5 600 UAH

Ice cream of lilies
Ice cream of lilies

Flowers in a bouquet:Lily - 5Verdure - 5Verdure - 5Beargrass - 1Planters 19cm - 1 possible replacement hatbox...

2 100 UAH


The beauty of the lily has praised Jesus Christ, and in ancient times, the lily served as a model for artists. Look Like a lily manufactured musical instruments, and the Jews were called Shoman or Shushan. From these titles was even the name of Susanna. Lily symbol of the Immaculate Virgin at the time became an emblem of royal power in France.

At first glance it looks like a lily bent down bell with tip. Perhaps that is why it is also called the royal locks. This royal flower multicolored: white, golden, purple, orange color with a green tint on the outside to conquer you. In lily unique flavor. Experts say that the smell of lily helps to avoid stress and even fights with them. This versatile flower does not lose its originality in the compositions surrounded by other colors.

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