Favorite - an armful of flowers

  • Favorite - an armful of flowers

I saw her unexpectedly in the theater. Our eyes met and I lost my peace. Flashed through the huge windows, the light lit up her brown hair and emphasized the freshness of her face without a bead of makeup. I no longer listened to my favorite opera, admiring her impeccable profile. At the interval, she lifted sapphire eyes and laughed at me. With joy my heart was ready to jump out of my chest. "Masha," she modestly called her name. "Igor," I introduced myself and we laughed gaily. This is how our friendship began. Every evening we hurried on a date and could not talk. So much wanted to tell me her warm and tender words, looking into her clear blue eyes!

Her musical laughter burst with hundreds of silver bells, when I said: "I love you very much!" "I have long wanted to hear these words" - was her answer.

 And with what tenderness and admiration she looked at me when, in honor of this event, I handed her a bouquet in the form of a heart of 51 red and white roses, bought at the online store Royal-Flowers in the Dnipro. Masha was touched, looking at the butterfly, comfortably sitting on a white rose. A gallant courier from the online store, along with a bouquet brought a teddy bear, holding a box of chocolates in its paws. As fascinated Masha looked at such an eye-popping gift. "And this is all me?" - Her voice sounded unconcealed admiration. We jumped into the nearest cafe, where we enjoyed the delicacies with a cup of delicious coffee. And on the street was a fascinating moonlight night. We wandered the shady streets for a long time, listened to the rustle of the Dnipro waves, dreamed of a boat ride straight to the sea. "Cruise on the Dnipro will be required," - I promised her.

Every evening we went to a cafe we ​​liked, and courier Slavik from the online store to our parish constantly brought the flowers I ordered, and each time different. "When they start to repeat!" - Masha was amused, welcoming him. "We always have fresh flowers, different varieties," he informed her. The regulars of the cafe looked enviously at Mashenka, breathing in the scent of magnificent bouquets of flowers.

"Become my wife!" - This is my offer, she met with undisguised joy: "Yes. We will have a wonderful, wonderful long life. " There was a sweet note in her voice.

I was very worried when I went to get acquainted with her parents. Confidence was given to me by a courier from an online store, who delivered a box of 75 eustoms to their apartment with the words: "You need flowers from Igorka." The abundance of flowers slightly embarrassed Peter Ilyich and Anastasia Ivanovna. And I did not recognize my voice, which was breaking with excitement and nervous tension. Once I read a phrase that I remembered forever: "For happiness it's so important to know that relatives and friends wish you well, even if you do not do what they think is necessary." The affability of her parents calmed me down. In addition, the appearance of Masha was very useful.

I had a trip to my parents. About Masha, they did not know anything, the more interesting for both of us was the appearance on their backyard.

Early in the morning we arrived at my station. The sun was dazzling. Funny, noisy meeting and departing crowded on the platform. Masha was all interested. Without waiting for the bus, we went on foot. In the sky, larks were filled with cheerful trills, sunflowers nodded their golden heads affably to us, and ducks swam in the river, beckoning children to come to them. A wide sand strip stretched along the shore, and above was a wheat field dotted with cornflowers. With an armful of cornflowers, so she emphasized the blue of her eyes, she appeared at the gates of my parents. Seeing Masha with the cornflowers pressed to her chest, Mom. unsuspecting, said: "Come in, daughter. What a beautiful woman grew up in our village! Whose will you be, blue-eyed? "

"Our mother," I exclaimed, emerging from around the corner of the house.

"Father," her mother called in a voice that sounded like excitement. - Come here. We have good news. Why are you standing, sit down, let's have breakfast now, "she invited us, sitting down on a bench. From the garden, my father walked slowly with a slow walk in the mask of the beekeeper, carrying a frame of sweet-smelling honey. "Let's drink fresh milk with honey," he said. - Yes, you see, my son, I have not come alone. Let's get acquainted: I am Pavel Mikhailovich, and my wife is Anna Ivanovna. And how to call you? he said to my bride. In general, word after word and flowed a leisurely conversation. In general, my parents were satisfied with the impression made on them. We talked about the future, about the wedding.

All the days, preparing for the wedding, I did not forget to give flowers to Mashenka, ordering them at the online store Royal-Flowers. Slavik was already perceived by us as a member of our family. The wedding was played in our village. Three days there were wishes, toasts were voiced, songs were sung, merrymakers had fun ...

A few days later we went on a cruise along the Dnipro. The crew of the ship met us, the newlyweds, bread and salt, a festive dinner, a magnificent concert. We, of course, were stunned by such a solemn reception. And in the cabin we were waiting for a chic bouquet of meter roses, teddy bear takog

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