Hydrangea in a bouquet of 3 pcs

  • Brand: Royal Flowers
  • Product Code: Hydrangea in a bouquet
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Lush bouquet of cut hydrangeas - description:

  • Flowers: Hydrangea;
  • Class: premium;
  • Number of hydrangeas in a bouquet: 3pcs, 5pcs, 7pcs, 11pcs, 15pcs;
  • Color - White, blue, blue, pink and red;
  • Brought from Holland;
  • European decoration bouquet
  • Greenery and Craft materials.

An air bouquet collected by the florist of the royal-flowers flower studio looks like using a cut hydrangea, and it looks like a small cloud in her hands, will please the girl.

Orders are accepted only by agreement in a chat room or with a manager by phone!

You can buy or order a hydrangea in Dnepropetrovsk on our website. To preserve the freshness of hydrangeas, we import it in small batches.

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