Bouquet of 19 scarlet roses, El Toro

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The number of flowers in a bouquet of 19 roses

Grade: El Toro .Lenta Satin.

height 60-70 cm.

Choosing the 19 roses, you know that this number is the symbol of perfection and dignity. With such a reliable person as You are a always comfortable

This reigning roza- many centuries an integral part of all the celebrations. Bouquet of 19 red roses looks like a fire fountain splashed bright red splash of happiness. Admiring glances and cheers will give you strength and confidence. Your unbending determination to find reciprocal feelings.

These flowers give young maiden, wife, relatives, friends, distinguished chief.

Questions on the composition of the bouquet (number and variety of colors), his registration with the appropriate accessories, as well as additional gifts, their delivery can be agreed with the manager on the phone.

Bouquet composition
Colour Red
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