51 cream-colored roses, thalea variety

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The number of flowers in a bouquet of 51 roses

height 60-70 cm.

Taleo grade

Number 51 reveals your great potential. You love life in all its forms and will be happy.

This gift is a loving person, prepodnesshego bouquet of 51 roses ivory color with a slightly pinkish hue as if the golden morning sun, clouds will be unexpected and pleasant surprise for your queen. Admiring glances, looking at you, cause heart palpitations, the desire to bestow and to meet all your expectations.

This bouquet will please not only women but also men, at any time of the year.

Questions on the composition of the bouquet (number and variety of colors), his registration with the appropriate accessories, as well as additional gifts, their delivery can be agreed with the manager on the phone.

Bouquet composition
Colour Cream
Number 41-69
Height 50-80
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